Carmen's Cold Brew drink recipes.

Carmen's Cold Brew Affagato:

• 1 - Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream

• 1 - Table Spoon of Carmen's Ceferino Cold Brew Concentrate

Inst. - Add a scoop of Vanilla ice cream and drizzle CCCBC over the top of the ice cream... Get extra fancy and add whip cream!


Carmen's Cold Brew Martini:

• 2oz. Carmen's Ceferino Cold Brew Concentrate

• 2oz. Coffee Cream Liqueur (pref Bailey's Irish Cream)

• 2oz. Your favorite Vodka

Inst. Add ice into a shaker and fill in ingredients and shake it. Pour into a martini glass.

Carmen's Cold Brew Tonic:

• Fill Rocks glass with ice.

• Pour Tonic water over ice to 3/4 full

• Slowly fill the remaining with Carmen's Ceferino Cold Brew Concentrate SLOWLY. Preferably over a spoon.

••• To make this an alcoholic drink. ad 1.5oz of Seagram's Honey


Carmen's Cold Brew Negroni:

Components needed:

Carmen's Ceferino Cold Brew Concentrate
Vermouth (red) Rosso
Orange peel

Tools needed:

Rocks glass
Decanter to mix ingredients
Table spoon


In decanter add:

3oz of Carmen's Ceferino Cold Brew Concentrate
1.5oz of Gin
1.5oz of Campari
1.5oz of Vermouth (red)

Stir slowly and pour over ice in rocks glass.
Garnish with Orange peel


Carmen's Iced Irish Gypsy Coffee:

Components needed:

3oz. Carmen's Ceferino Cold Brew Concentrate
1.5oz. Irish Whiskey
1oz.  Simple syrup - Vanilla
1oz. - 3oz. Heavy Whipping Cream

Tools needed:

Rocks glass
Decanter to mix ingredients
Table spoon

Add CCCBC in decanter filled with ice
Add Whiskey
Add Simple Syrup
Stir slowly to mix together.
IMPORTANT: separately you will put ice in shaker and add 3oz. of whipping cream and shake vigorously for one minute.

Pour shaken heavy cream over the top.