About us


Carmen’s Gypsy Coffee Bar is Long Beach’s original espresso truck offering an on location full-service espresso and tea bar, vegan and gluten free pastries, Spanish pressed panini’s, breakfast quiche, house nitro cold brew, and a toddler friendly beverage menu. Carmen’s has a unique team of baristas designed to entertain and make the coffee bar experience memorable and captivating! With many years of entertainment and service experience, Carmen’s Coffee is a destination in itself or can be added to any function to enhance an event.


Carmen's Coffee is named affectionately after Elisa's mother, Carmen Cortes Heredia of Granada Spain. Born among performers and among ten other brilliantly talented siblings, they were encouraged by their father to be on stage to become what would soon become La Familia Heredia.

Carmen made her professional debut at age 11, made numerous television appearances and performed with such artists as Gene Kelly, Jerry Lewis, and Peter Nero. Her daughter, Elisa Marie now carries on her name under one other passion of hers- coffee. At toddler age, Elisa remembers being backstage watching performances, 3am dinners, and of course coffee and conversation every opportunity her mother had with her family.

The coffee that is served now of course is much more palatable than Sanka, but more than the coffee itself, the environment is what Elisa recreates each time she has the opportunity to open her coffee truck.


We GROW in knowing that:

We create a positive working environment, where everyone is encouraged to be the best version of themselves.

We lead by example, where leaders are coaches and are excited and willing to be involved in the process.

We look for opportunities to make Carmen’s a contributor to making our community a better place to live, and collectively as an essential part of the Carmen’s environment, a better place to spend their time.

We are present while working- in mind and body, moving with purpose at all times.

We are aware of our surroundings in regards to safety and customers visiting- abandoning our personal distractions until a later time.

We are aware of the impact we make on co-workers- accountable to a positive attitude and a problem-solving mindset when needed.

We discover and foster relationships with all customers, service providers and suppliers, and each other- and lead relationships with dignity, ethics, and respect.

We are performance driven- giving the very best version of ourselves to all we do- tapping into our passion for coffee, people, products and our community.