Most Embarrassing Valentine's day


"My most embarrassing Valentine's Day was...
Ebin - I got too stoned at Bennihana's and barely spoke to my date.
John - I was given a shock collar
Madi - "My most embarrassing Valentine’s Day wasss being left at school alone on Valentine’s Day because my boyfriend didn’t come to school that day 😂
To kick off our Employee Engagement project, we asked our team for a youth photo of themselves along with a response: What are you thankful for this year?...Here is what we got....


" I am thankful for my best friends and my family"
" I am thankful for my cat, Sandie, my caring boyfriend, my friends, my new home and Carmen's Coffee!"
"I am thankful for my resilience and for having the passion to really get to know people and meet them where they are. I am tremendously grateful for John and my team at Carmen's (present and past) that have adopted our vision and are always making our community of coffee a priority."
Kael (Sharp):
"I'm grateful for my growing ability to push boundaries and not get bogged down by small problems. That and good food!"
"I am thankful for the support of my family with love and with school, my best supporter and girlfriend Moli, my dogs, living in Long Beach, starting fresh and......Beer!"
" You! Without you, we would not be here right now. Your support in our brand, supports the visions and goals of our employees' futures."
Our purpose of asking for a youth photo is to just remind us that even as a child, we are empowered to choose to internalize only the good experiences in life, and that even as adults we have the power to make a difference in our own lives by our reactions to the circumstances that we are faced with.